Control project progress and boost the live team's collaboration.

Learn more about functionalities that will help you to visualize and monitor the project. Check out the interactive whiteboard that will enable more effective teamwork. 

Task path builder

Use drag&drop to visualize the processes and explore the functionalities for better project work. Choose your nodes and mingle swim lines to catch up with project progress live.

Interactive whiteboard

Get more from an interactive whiteboard to share the ideas. The project members will love  easy-in-use sticky notes, as well as more advanced functionalities such as agenda planner, presentation mode, or minute maker.

Many members - one workspace

No matter the number of project members, everyone can participate in process building tasks. Invite other managers or steering committee to contribute to working out the project or single tasks.

Project progress monitoring

Live monitoring keeps you updated all the time. Take the control with the generated Gantt’s view on your project, you can follow the project progress completion.

Wanna find out how it works for your project?

See how the tool can contribute to your project success. Sign up for a webinar conducted by our experts and the tool’s creators.